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  • I agree to the FSRA Portal Access Agreement


    In this Access Agreement,

    “User” refers to an individual who is authorized by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA) to provide information to and communicate directly with FSRA through the Portal, or who is authorized by another person or entity to do so on his, her or its behalf, in connection with FSRA’s regulatory services.

    “Portal” refers to FSRA’s secure electronic interface for communication between FSRA and FSRA’s regulated sectors, including Users.

    “Message Centre” refers to the secure area on the Portal where FSRA posts important information and communications for access by a User relating to FSRA’s regulatory services, including: legal documents, notices, proposals, decisions, reminders, correspondence, and other FSRA communications.

    Terms of Access and Use of Portal

    As a User of the FSRA Portal, I accept and agree to the following terms of access and use:

    Passwords and Security

    All passwords and User names created on the Portal are personal and confidential to the User. The User will not share his or her User name or password with any other individual.

    The User will ensure that access to and use of the Portal is restricted to his or her own use for the sole purpose of interacting with FSRA in connection with FSRA’s regulation of its financial sectors and such other related purposes as FSRA may authorize.

    The User will implement security precautions sufficient to prevent unauthorized access to and use of the Portal, including implementing password protection precautions.

    The User will create his or her password when accessing the Portal for the first time and change the password at such other times as the User or FSRA deems necessary for security purposes. The User will be responsible for maintaining the integrity of their password.

    If the User becomes aware of any unauthorized access to the Portal or if the password has been compromised, the User will immediately notify FSRA. The User agrees and understands that, at any time and without notice, FSRA may suspend their access to the Portal, if FSRA, or the User, believes that the User’s password or security of the Portal has been compromised. The User’s access to the Portal may be suspended until such time as security measures have been established to the satisfaction of FSRA.

    Entering Information and Data in the Portal

    The User is responsible for correctly entering all information and data into the Portal when communicating with FSRA, correctly attaching any required documentation, and following FSRA’s instructions for using the Portal to receive and submit information.

    Any information or data not correctly submitted to FSRA using the Portal, including data entered in a form, filing, application, submission or attachment, will be deemed not to be filed with or delivered to FSRA, and the User will be subject to any applicable consequence or penalty.

    Using the Message Centre and Consent to Communicate in Electronic Format

    The User will access the Message Centre using the Portal to receive secure electronic communications from FSRA. The User will receive alerts by email when a message has been posted for the User in the Message Centre. It is the User’s responsibility to monitor his or her emails for messages, promptly open and read messages posted by FSRA, and take appropriate action, if necessary.

    The User acknowledges and consents to receiving communications from FSRA in electronic format using the Portal, including time-sensitive communications and legal documents.

    The User also agrees to ensure the email address provided to FSRA is functioning properly and capable of receiving emails from FSRA at all times, and undertakes to notify FSRA immediately of any change to the email address. If the User provides a non-functioning email address or does not promptly notify FSRA of a change in the email address, the User bears the responsibility and the consequences, including any penalty imposed by FSRA that may result from not receiving email communications from FSRA.

    Use of Information by FSRA

    The User authorizes FSRA to combine and store User information provided to FSRA via the Portal, including personal information, with all other information in FSRA’s possession relating to the User and to use and disclose the information within FSRA for all purposes related to a licence or registration issued to, sought by or involving the User under any statute administered by FSRA, for compliance and law enforcement purposes, or for any other regulatory purpose or a consistent purpose that is authorized and performed by FSRA in the future.

    Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

    Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario including, but not limited to, her advisors, agents, appointees and employees (Her Majesty), shall not be held responsible to the User or any other person for any disclosure, loss, modification or compromise of data, for any unauthorized use of the Portal or a User password, or for any liability, loss, cost, damage or expense that may ensue.

    The User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Her Majesty from and against any and all liability, loss, cost, damage and expense, including any reasonable legal, expert and consultant expenses that Her Majesty may incur or suffer arising out of a breach of this Access Agreement by the User.

    This Access Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and the applicable Federal laws of Canada.

    Acknowledgement and Undertaking

    I have read, understand and undertake to comply with the above FSRA Portal Access Agreement.